Sadaf Azimi

I had an amazing experience with afifa. I was feeling really anxious before the lesson, however, I found her very supportive and very helpful. I’m so grateful to have had Afifa as my instructor, because of her I felt so much more comfortable to drive! She taught me the finest skills which made me excel… Continue reading Sadaf Azimi

Samara Griffiths

My learning experience with Afifa was exactly what I needed to learn how to drive. I was super nervous like most people and lacked the confidence to push myself. Afifa taught me everything I needed to learn, and helped me gain the confidence to drive that I was really looking for in myself. I would… Continue reading Samara Griffiths

Sofìa Enriquez

Afifa is an EXCELLENT instructor, she is definitely what you’re looking for if you want someone to give you the safest skills to drive and the best practice to pass the test first go. Afifa was always able to pick up on my mistakes and correct them straight away, and I passed my test first… Continue reading Sofìa Enriquez

Dianne Capila

Afifa is the best driving instructor I ever had! She really makes sure I learn and understand the rules and maneuvers, not just to pass the test but also to be a safe driver. She cares for me not only as a client but also as a friend, adjusting to my needs and caring for… Continue reading Dianne Capila

Aatiqah Martin

I highly recommend Embark driving school, particularly Afifa. I managed to pass my P1 licence on the first go thanks to her!! She is an exceptionally good instructor; due to her patience and calmness while teaching as well as her knowledge about cars and safe driving. I definitely recommend Afifa as a driving instructor as… Continue reading Aatiqah Martin

Cameron Zirn

Having Afifa as my driving instructor was an amazing experience. Despite being near the end of my learner experience, she was capable of teaching me important skills and how to polish off those I had already developed. Without her input, I doubt I could’ve passed the practical test as well as I did. She taught… Continue reading Cameron Zirn


As an overseas driver, I had been driving for the last 14 years in my own country. I had booked my driving test and was pretty confident thinking that my driving was impeccable. But just to be sure and that I covered all bases I engaged the services of embark driving school. Only after I… Continue reading Hersh

Carlo Cruz

I’m a first time driver and it has been three (3) months since I got my license. I passed on my first try (as Afifa confidently believed that I would) and this would not have been possible without her guidance. Afifa is a strict instructor who puts safety above all else. She patiently and repeatedly… Continue reading Carlo Cruz

Jomar Bautista

Afifa is a great instructor. She does not only share her techniques to prepare her students to pass the driving exam but more importantly to prepare them to be more well-equipped drivers. I passed the exam on the first go. I recommend her highly.

Lindsay Mcintosh

Dear Afifa Having succeeded in getting my license approved for another two years I will try to put into words the ways in which you helped me achieve that. GREETING Your greeting was warm and friendly and put me in the best frame of mind to proceed confidently with the test that I was required… Continue reading Lindsay Mcintosh