What Our Clients Say

Afifa Azimy was a pleasure to be taught by. She's calm and collected and allows you to dull your nerves! She has a great way of making sure all driving laws and techniques are drilled into you by the time she is done with teaching you!

- Mahnaz Bokan

Afifa you are an excellent instructor!! Flexible and extremely patient. You not only helped me pass my test first go, you helped me gain the self confidence required in been a safe driver on the road. I recommend you to all new drivers.

- Tara

Adam you gave me the skills to not only drive but to be safe on the road. I wouldn't have passed without your help. Thanks

- Jordan Brown

Highly recommended with great results you won't be disappointed. 100% guaranteed to pass your exam. Thanks to Embark Driving School I am driving now so happy.

- Jane Wahab

Thank you Afifa, I am able to get it in the first go because of your expert training skills that you gained over the years. You are one of a kind trainer.

- Keerthi Kiran

Thank u my darling for being so patient and so friendly.. U r the best .. I will recommend your name to my friends as well..

- Manjinder Virdi

I would like to thank Afifa Azimy for her guidance. Afifa is a wonderful driving instructor who will prepare you and make you a confident driver not just for your driving test but for the rest of your life. She is friendly and always explains the rules and instructions in a simple and practical manner. She will make you feel comfortable whether you are a beginner or someone who is getting back behind the wheel after a break. Afifa, wishing you the very best & thank you once again!

- Apeksha Sayani

We can never be sure of the quality of instructions imparted by a driving school so when searching the internet for a driving school, I had only 2 things in mind for selecting one:


1. Reasonable rates and

2. Presence in my suburb 


Embark Driving School met these criteria and I signed up with them. My instructor, Afifa, was just the kind of instructor I needed to learn this important life skill; patient, detail oriented and one who was equally passionate about the end result - getting the license!


All the manoeuvres were practised numerous times covering all driving conditions unique to its location - residential areas, commercial areas, motorways and shopping centres. 


I got my license at my very first attempt! Thanks Afifa

- sunny Thomas

My experience With Afifa was awesome, very informative and knowledgeable, which helped me become a confident driver and know how to handle all situations! Very reliable and an over-all enjoyable experience learning how to drive!

- Nina

Afifa is an amazing instructor, perfect for someone who wants to build their confidence around driving. She is patient and will make sure you get the basics right. She will develop your driving into lifelong skills rather than just for your test. 
She is also a lovely person with a great sense of humor. 

- Pallavi

Afifa did the impossible, which was to teach me how to drive. Apparently, I had traumatic experience attempting to learn how to drive as a teenager that I decided to take public transportation all these years. I don't know how I managed to get my license on the first attempt after a few lessons with Afifa. All credit goes to Afifa, who taught me how to drive safely on road.

Afifa is a very kind instructor who's main purpose is to get you to believe in your potential to be a successful driver. She's been an instructor for a long time with plenty of experience, teaching people of all ages. She devotes 100% of her attention towards teaching you how to be a safe driver and focuses on helping to improve any weaknesses that you may have while driving.

Every minute of every lesson with Afifa was amazing for me and I am so grateful to have had her as my instructor. I passed the driving test on my first attempt. Thanks a lot Afifa.

- Archana Channappa

Afifa has an in-depth knowledge of all road rules, and will make sure that you know exactly what you're meant to be doing in any given situation. She is both warm and honest as an instructor, and will help you nail out any bad driving habits you may have picked up, so that you are absolutely ready and confident for the P's Test. She was more than willing to give me advice and answer any questions I had, even after my lessons with her had finished. I passed my P's test first time because of her instruction, and I would fully recommend Afifa as a driving instructor for any learner.

- Tom

I would love to thank Afifa for teaching and supporting me through my learning journey. She was so helpful and calming when I was nervous. She's so friendly which made me comfortable driving. She prepared me well for my red Ps test as well as being a safe driver on the road. Thank you again Afifa!

- Cat

Thanks Afifa for helping me learn how to drive. You were a great help and without you i wouldn't have been able to pass my test. Taught me patiently even though i was probably really hard to deal with. For anyone else that is only just starting out to drive, i highly recommend this little bundle of joy of an instructor. Thank you

- Waising Wu

Afifa was very calm which was necessary for a first time driver in Australia like me. Although I would take driving lessons with her only on weekends, I saw my progress week by week because she explained the road rules very well. I was able to get my license in one take because she was very attentive to my driving and explained to me my mistakes as we go along. She not only taught me how to drive but most importantly how to react and make a decision to become a safe driver on the road. She knew when to boost my confidence and when it was time time to take the exam, I knew i would pass because Afifa trained me well. I’m very thankful to Afifa and I highly recommend her to other learner drivers!

- Jenina Bautista